Monday, November 29, 2010

Testing Possiblity

At Crossfit Central we don't let limitations creep into our day! We believe our deepest desires are achievable. We look at life, see exactly what we want and say "I'll Have That!"

The idea that we are limited or restricted by anything is purely imaginary. We choose everything we want for our lives and get to work!

God is so amazing! We can look at His grace and say thank you! Thank you for opportunity to do what we love, be a positive influence to others and live a life of meaning. We are truly blessed! Ignoring our knowledge, ability and desire would be a direct slap in the face of our creator!

I believe in a life full of amazing people and cherish the times I am with them.

Check out this video highlighting the CrossFit Central coaches training over the last several weeks. Lance Cantu did a great job with his first shot at producing a video to share with us all!


Jessica Sharratt said...

Amen Mike! Great post!!

Lori B said...

Loved the video. I especially liked when you had to spin around the hammer...couldn't stop laughing.