Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everybody Dies but Not every Body Lives!


I woke up this morning thinking about my Faith in Christ. Especially lately, this has been on my mind more and more. At one time of my life, I didn't get out of bed for anything more than this alone.

Teaching Crossfit is something I am very passionate about! I really enjoy the fact that I have the opportunity to work with people and help them make very positive and impactful changes to the physical lives. Everybody may not realize this, especially if you really don't know me, but I really do want to give as much of myself as possible to the benefit of other people.

For some time now, I've got caught up thinking that because I doing this from a
place of "good", that was all that mattered. I am continuing to realize that this
is just not true.

This Prayer is one many of you may know, and one that I adore. St. Patrick's

We are in the Season of Advent... This is a great time to engage our minds towards
the blessed Holiday Season!

On another note... Here is a song that gets me fired up! #Minaj


Lori B said...

Have you listened to the Three Priests? I have & have fallen in love w/ their voices. Sometimes we all need a break from mainstream life to just talk to God...I know I do. Have a blessed holiday season.

Lori B said...

Here's what fires me up & gets me motivated.