Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Man of Discipline!

Posted by PicasaHere is what I like about Arun... He has been involved with Crossfit Central for upwards of 2 years. I cannot remember a time when he has missed without emailing me ahead of time to let me know he would not be there. He has a tremendous amount of character.

This guy is disciplined. When he came into our facility his family, friends and peers probably considered him a very fit and healthy person.

Arun, expects more of himself and every time he steps into our gym I sense it!

People like Arun inspire me!

Here is his email to me from early January:

2010 Review

Weight: January 2010 - 144lbs @ 11.5%
December 2010 - 155lbs @ 10.5%

Diet: January - Strict Paleo/Primal
December - 85% Paleo/Primal

Notes: Increased protein in meals based on Big Mike's comments on food logs. Still skip too many meals when I don't find food around the house. Not too many cheat meals except when I'm on the road traveling

Number of weeks on the road outside Austin in 2010 - over 18 weeks
Harder to stay on track when living/working out on the road but it is possible with planning

Fitness Highlights in 2010
- Lowest body fat percentage @ 34 years (including high and middle school years when I was skinny fat)
- Bigger, stronger, faster across the board
- Got handstands figured out, stringing together 20 plus kipping pullups, and the mechanics of all the major Olympic lifts. I prefer to lift heavy shit now and focus on the lifts as opposed to mindless MetCons (this coming from a former endurance runner/biker)
- I didn't run too many races in 2010 due to being on the road for most of the year. The only race I did was at the end of the year was the Warrior Dash and I crushed it without any significant training. I finished 5th in my age group and I should have placed higher if I had focused more on my running. With over a hundred people in my starting wave I was able to blow by all but 2 of them thanks to all my CF training - I've attached one of my favorite pictures from 2010 of my jumping over one of the obstacles at the end of the Warrior Dash.


2011 Goals (One per Item. Template taken from OPT's site)

1. nutrition
Eat more food, avoid skipping meals, increase protein intake

2. physical performance
Focus on Overhead Squats, string together sets of butterfly pullups, DU's & HSPU

3. lifestyle
Get more than 5.5/6 hours of sleep. Cut TV time.

Revisit and Revise every 3 months


Jessica said...

Great post! Arun is kicking butt. Awesome photo.

Arun said...

Thanks Mike for the post - I've been able to push myself harder thanks to you, Winchester and Aaron. Thanks for keeping me focussed and motivated week and week