Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mind Blowing

I have always been blown away by what kind of changes many of our clients go through after a year or two of CrossFit. Many times these changes don't show up merely in the physical appearances but where it is most needed... Their minds!

Melissa is a prime example of somebody who literally is just not the same person! I have seen her transform from a less than confident person to a truly outgoing and inspiring individual. Her Smile is so frequent that is cannot go unnoticed, but when you look into this woman's eyes you get a sense of her true happiness! I believe Melissa you have only begun to tap into the transformation and you are yet still to have an amazing impact on the lives of many people you will cross paths with!

Melissa's Story
Before joining Big Mike's class, I had been CrossFitting for 6 months in the On Ramp class with Coach Chris Hartwell. I chose him as a coach because he pushes his clients beyond their comfort zone. He always has a positive attitude and provides good instructions.

When I started training with Big Mike, I was doing jumping pull ups and within 2 months I had my first kipping pull up. Being able to meet my goals in the gym, I have realized that I can do anything that I set my mind to. CrossFit has given me more energy to live life. I am a better wife, daughter, sister and aunt. My motivation comes from Big Mike, the other people in my class, the challenges and never wanting to be unhealthy again.

Mike is constantly teaching me new things that I never thought I could do or I was told I couldn't do because I am a woman. I can climb the ropes to the ceiling, flip tires, jump over the 21 in. box and do strict pull ups with a 20 lb weight. By logging my work outs I can see improvement in my strength and endurance.

I came to CrossFit Central at age 38. I weighed 180 lbs, had no energy and ate fast food once a day. A year and a half later I am at 18% body fat and weigh 130 lbs. My new goals are to Dead Lift 250 lbs and complete a handstand push up. I have signed up for I Am CrossFit for the second year in a row. I continue to sign up for the challenges because they are fun and you are placed on teams. This allows me to meet people outside of class. It helps me stay focused on my nutrition and I am held accountable with the food logging. I learn more about nutrition with each challenge.

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