Monday, March 14, 2011

This Lady is Magnetic!

When Judy started in programs she was instantly one of my favorite people. I wanted her to have a great experience at CrossFit Central. At the time she started in class I knew she had a lot to learn and a long way to go in terms of strength. The 12:15 class was sold out and had several experienced people working out in it. I decided to invite Judy and a few other beginner clients to start a new class an hour earlier. That allowed me give them the time and attention that would help them improve.

Judy success is not a surprise to me! She has an amazing attitude. When I think about her success over the past year this is what comes to mind: Happy, Focused, Ambitious, Eager, Determined, Disciplined, Consistent, Persistent, Unbreakable!

Judy has shown resiliency in ways very few are capable of showing. She has a hustler spirit with a heart of gold. I have yet to see her with a negative attitude in any workout, no matter how hard or frustrating it may be. I believe she stays after class every single time to do extra running (mile repeats, 800 repeats, etc.). She often shows up early to work on her pull-ups and other challenging movements. She hits the free Tuesday evening CFE track workouts. During the I Am CrossFit Challenge, she came to the gym almost every Saturday for team WODs and small group training. And she has enrolled several others in her endeavors to join the fun!

It is a true pleasure to work this woman! I can only hope that all my clients take on her type of mindset!

Judy’s Story

I started CrossFit after I went to a free workout with my friend Dusty Trungdale on December 31, 2009. I remember thinking "WOW!"...and "Ouch...I’m soooo sore". I joined the next week.

I was 41 when I started CrossFit. I weighed about 145 lbs. My energy was okay but my food was not in check. Although I thought I ate pretty healthy, the truth is I was eating a lot of processed food and tons of sugar substitutes. times have changed! Now I have a garden growing my own veggies – spinach, lettuces, jalapenos and lots of herbs. I have fruit trees and strawberry plants. I eat good!

I did "On Ramp" with Travis Holley for 8 weeks before joining Mike's class. I chose Mike’s class because of the time slot at 11:15 a.m. I have 2 young kiddos, so I was working around their school schedules. Tony and Dusty had raved about Big Mike, so I was very excited and a bit nervous to have him as my coach. Mike reminds me of my favorite high school coach/economics teacher. I have such respect for him that I never want to disappoint him. He makes me want to do better, be stronger, get the answer right. It’s rare to find someone that does that for you.

Since training with Mike, I have obviously gotten stronger physically, but it's more than that. It's like he's given me permission to let my inner warrior out, kicking and screaming "I can do this…I can do anything...I am powerful!!" I have learned that I don't have to be content all the time, that my voice is worth hearing, my opinions are worth speaking. CrossFit has given me the confidence to stand up for what I believe in. It's enabled me to tap into some inner strength I had no idea was there. That's pretty powerful. It's changed my life.

CrossFit has changed my life outside the gym. I see the way my kids have responded to me doing this [I Am CrossFit] challenge. We are constantly talking about healthy choices and getting outside for some fun exercise. I think they learned just as much as I did by doing this challenge. It's important to me that I’m a good role model for my girls. It always makes me smile when they flash the double CC's my way!

What keeps me motivated? Seeing the changes in my body, my increase in energy, even my skin looks better. I want more of that!! When I feel good, I AM good. It’s that feeling of accomplishment that keeps me striving for more. During the I Am CrossFit Challenge, I lost 7.5 inches!! Yee haw! I lost over 3% body fat. I lost 5 pounds of fat and gained 1 pound of muscle. I lost 4.5 pound. Pretty exciting, huh? This was my first challenge but it will not be my last.

Now, I want to become a yoga instructor. I never thought I would actually go for it, but now I have the courage to try it on. Also, I promised myself if I finished the challenge strong I would treat myself to something I’ve always wanted to do...flying trapeze lessons!

I am full of gratitude for sweet Mike and the CrossFit community. They have changed me...inside and out.


DD said...

Judy Bolin, you are an inspiration and always have been someone I admire. I am so proud of you. You Go Girl!! I love you!

Emily Jane Baker said...

Magnetic is right! You are incredible Judy! Thank you for being an inspiration. I am so glad to get to read your story. What a journey! ... And I want to go Trapezing too;)

Karen Morgan said...

This is so inspiring on so many levels because the breakthrough happened on so many levels! Sign me up!

Tamra said...

I am so proud of you! You are awesome in so many ways. I love you dear friend! Tamra

Karen said...

You are such a lovely soul. GO!

Piper said...

I can't believe she's my sister! Such an inspiration! Way to go, Judy!