Monday, March 14, 2011

Take Care of Your Body!

A major factor that enables me to continue to CrossFit at a high level for as long as I have and with the volume/intensity I do is having discipline to work on my body outside of my workouts.

My typical 5-day a week training schedule includes:
1 Strength WOD
5 workouts
1 Sprint Session
2 Longer Runs - about 5k each

If I were to only do my workouts, then my body would not function because I would be injured all the time. I have old injuries and limitations that show up in my training that I have to continue to address: shoulder/labrum tear, knee/MCL/cartilage tear, hip and lower back pain, bicep and pectorial strains.

I have found several methods for addressing these issues and for keeping them controlled: funtional training, stretching and soft tissue work.

I have added into my weekly physical training these things:
2 yoga classes (75 minutes each)
1 ART (Active Release Therapy) session
2 deep tissue massages (1 hour each)
1 Airrosti session

The bottom line is that if you aren't working with other specialist that can help you address injuries and limitations in your body, you are failing!

I pulled this from the website. These guys fix injuries! Surgery should be your last option!

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a thin sheet of connective tissue that:

•Covers everything from bones to muscles, organs, arteries, veins and nerves
•Provides a smooth, low friction environment for muscle contraction and relaxation
•Wraps around bony surfaces, creating an attachment surface for tendons and ligaments
•Holds the body's organs in place
•Transmits tension for vital movements from muscle to tendon to bone and from ligament to bone
•Creates a supportive and movable conduit for nerves, blood and lymph vessels as they pass through and between muscle

Airrosti Certified Providers are expertly trained to apply evidence-based manual therapy and active rehab exercises to correct these connective tissue distortions