Saturday, April 2, 2011

Living the Code

I had a thought about what it means to be a CrossFitter. Our affiliate has several hundred clients. We have many who have been around for years and even more who have only begun the journey. Being a part of this means you have not signed up for an easy lifestyle, and I respect the efforts of every one of you who chooses to endure this approach to fitness!

I constantly reflect back to when I started really getting into CrossFit. I was making a choice that went against my orthopedic doctor’s recommendation to limit my activity level because he believed my body would not hold up. This surgeon had performed 4 surgeries on me all before I was 24. I was told by him and several other specialists that my knee wouldn't last more than a couple of years unless I chose a more sedentary life. So of course I chose not to listen! To me, CrossFit was too fun! I didn't know how, but I knew it needed to be a part of my life!

Back then, most of the time, I didn't even have anybody to do it with. It was literally unheard of in Lubbock, TX and with out question "The Craziest Workout" I could have been doing!

I started doing this program 5 1/2 years ago. Five years ago, I moved to Austin to help build CrossFit Central. Four years ago, we opened our gym. During that time, nobody could have convinced me that anybody who tried CrossFit would ever quit. I believed that if one of my clients left the gym, then I was responsible and I had failed them. I did not understand then what I know now: that everyone has their own view! I know now that CrossFit isn't for everybody, and you will often hear me say that.

Another thing that I do know, however, is that anyone can do CrossFit. If you choose to be one of those people like I did, know that you will need help! Like I said: this is a challenging way of being, and CrossFit Central is here to help you in more ways than you know.

I have seen so many clients' lives change since they started CrossFit. Personally, my life is completely different and better in more ways than I can describe! What I and others have learned since beginning CrossFit is worth sharing over and over again.

Yes, CrossFit is about challenging our physical bodies, but more than that it is about how we approach our lives fully in control of our health. Sleeping a lot, eating the right food, working out hard then doing the body a favor by mobilizing, icing and massage is part of the process!

My main point is that this is a part of our lives that we should all take seriously. If you don't pay that much attention to it, ask yourself why not! If you want help figuring out how to do better, all you really have to do is ask. It doesn't have to be too complicated!


Grace Patenaude said...

Awesome post Big Mike!

Lori B said...

So true Mike. I initially did Crossfit after having my knee scoped. Turns out after a couple of years of walking around in pain I finally insisted on having an MRI. Then they discovered I had a huge cyst behind my knee cap. I had to have surgery to have it removed before it ruptured. Once I finished PT I was told it would be years before I would be able to fully gain my mobility & range back. Not true. Within a couple of months after I started Crossfitting I was pain free & able to bounce back better than anticipated. Then came the shoulder surgery (bone spurs galore). That's when I stopped Crossfitting. A year after my surgery I started Krav fitness to get moving again. Then I took on Kettlebell @ CC. Best decision I made! Not only is my knee fine but my upper body strength has increased ten fold. Crossfit & Kettlebell are both awesome programs. People shouldn't be afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Those who do discover their unlimited possibilities. I know I did.