Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Go Getter

When I met Lee, he and his wife joined my class at the same time. Because of the fact that Lee could probably out run and cycle me I don't want to say that he wasn't fit, but I will admit that I thought he was a long shot from being anything close to a good CrossFitter. For the first several months, all I could do was help him with cues and give him advice on what he should work on to improve his technique. At the time, I thought he was almost helpless. His air squat looked mildly better than a train wreck.
Not long after this, I ran into Lee and his wife at a Gala at which Lee was getting recognized for a pretty prestigious award among Austin's finest attorneys under 40. I have since never doubted this guy’s work ethic. Although Lee still has a way to go with his mobility, I am blown away by how far he has come! Now, after about a year, to call Lee a good Crossfitter would be an understatement! I know few men who are on top of their health, career and family lives in a way that Lee is. He doesn't underestimate the amount of focus each one requires and, because of people like him, I am continuously humbled in a way that keeps me working to improve myself! Lee is a great role model for people like me...And believe me, even I need role models.

Lee's Story

I joined Mike's 7am class in January 2010 after spending two months in Chris Hartwell's On-Ramp class. I chose Mike as a coach because of his dedication to his clients and his personal commitment to fitness and the sport of CrossFit. Since training with Mike, my overall fitness level has increased to levels that I could not have imagined. Prior to working with Mike, I could barely jump up onto the 20" box. Now I can box jump onto a 39" box without much trouble. My deadlift started below 200 pounds. Now I can deadlift 375 pounds. Finally, my CrossFit Total score has increased from below 500 to 745.

Mike helped me recognize the need to spend significant time working on increasing my mobility. As my mobility increases, I'm achieving new PRs and other physical goals. CrossFit has demonstrated to me that I need to make a serious commitment to my personal fitness in order to maximize my own quality of life and to allow me to keep up with my boys.

I was 39 years old when I started CrossFit. My weight hasn't changed much – I’m at 162 pounds. However, my latest body comp results reveal a significant change. I dropped from 18% body fat to 11% body fat and gained a lot of muscle weight. Now I receive lots of compliments on my appearance from friends and family. I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence based on my physical fitness and appearance. My wife's friends like my abs!

I have not been able to do many challenges because my weekends are devoted to my kids. I use my Tuesday personal training sessions with Mike at RedBlack Gym as my “extra” workouts and to gain motivation.

I'm constantly setting new goals and reaching new PRs and other targets. I want to get a muscle up in the next couple of months and improve my double unders. My biggest goal is to increase shoulder/back mobility and hip mobility to help me set a new PR in the back squat.


Melissa said...

Lee - It has been a pleasure to work out with you over the last year. Day after day, you always have a positive attituede in the gym. You always encourage me to push myself harder than I think I can go. You have come so far in the last year, can't wait to see what is in the future. You are amazing. The 7am class is going to need to see thoes abs.


Lee said...

Mike is passionate about his profession and his clients. I can't imagine a better person to help you shatter your fitness expectations and goals.

1807blondie said...

Congratulations, Lee! It's so great to see your hard work pay off several times a week. I sense more accomplishments are in store for you!

Jan said...

Yep, those are abs worth talking about, Lee! ;-)