Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Just Another Weekend Cert

Obviously, continuous education is something we should all do.
Attending more certs simply means extending your overall knowledge and
leads to becoming a better OverAll Coach.
I came across Zach Even-esh years ago. I can say he has been somebody who has influence my way of coaching before I ever met him! He is somebody who has been unafraid to put himself out in the eyes of the world of Strength and Conditioning. "If you want to be strong... Do this" was his message. He didn't care what people thought even though his way wasn't the common way of doing it!
Hard work given only the tools you can find around you and NO EXCUSES!
Zach Leads from the front!
His Cert is one I highly recommend! Here is a Highlight video from the His
cert this past weekend that I had the privelage to attend.

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