Monday, May 23, 2011

One Step At A Time!

Trent has been putting forth solid effort since joining CrossFit Central. He shows up consistently and is never scared to take on challenging himself to the next level. When I think about picking people for client of the month, I am thinking about who shows up, who never misses without a good reason, who is asking questions about how to get better results, who is following through and doing things outside of class to get themselves where they want to be. Trent came to mind as one of those people and it has been fun to work with him and see him change over the last year. I like this guy’s attitude and I know he is only beginning to define himself as a good CrossFitter! Keep your eyes out for this guy to turn into a straight up Beast!

Trent's Story

I had just started CrossFitting when I joined Mike’s class. I chose his class because the time slot worked for me, but I immediately realized that I was lucky to have Mike as my coach. He is very patient but thorough in teaching all the exercises no matter how long it takes to master the skills. At the same time, he always challenges me to push my limits and work harder. Whenever he coaches, you can see his passion for the sport and, because of his passion, I can tell that he wants to pass that along to all of us. This makes me want to work even harder.

I started CrossFit in November 2010, and I was 25. I weighed in the 180s and was at somewhere over 16% body fat. As far as food goes, I was all over the place and basically ate what I wanted, but I always seemed tired. At the end of the I Am CrossFit Challenge [in March 2011], I weighed around 175 and was at 9% body fat.

I participated in the I Am CrossFit Challenge and in Project Mayhem this year. I really liked the I Am CrossFit Challenge because the added accountability of working with a team to reach your goals made me eat better and get more workouts in each week. I also really enjoyed the Project Mayhem Challenge because the workouts.

I have definitely seen great physical results since training with Mike, and I am in the best shape I have ever been in. vEven more so than that, I feel like I have really learned to push myself mentally and physically to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. That has carried over into all aspects of my life.

I have noticed that the days I have CrossFit before work are almost always better. It gets me up and going, and I have more energy throughout the workday. I also find myself always looking forward to the next workout. I have been trying to follow the Paleo diet as much as I can because I really enjoy it.

CrossFit has taught me to push myself harder than I ever did before. Every time I step inside the gym, I am able to challenge myself and make every workout meaningful. Between Mike always pushing us and my own desire to get faster and stronger, it seems fairly easy to stay motivated. My new goal for CrossFit is to do the workouts Rx by the fall.

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