Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone Needs a Coach!

The first time I heard somebody say this to me out loud was sometime in early 2008. I had been coaching CrossFit for well over a year and CrossFit Central was a very young affiliate with a rising client base and a growing reputation.

Jeremy Thiel and I were fortunate enough as coaches to attend the first CrossFit Certification to come to Texas. Two of my biggest role models in CrossFit were leading the course: Robb Wolf and Kelly Starrett. Sound familiar? If not, please allow this post to be your introduction to these two men, and you can thank me for the remainder of your existence!

Anyway, I remember thanking them both for sharing their profound knowledge towards the end of Day 2. I also said that only through us traveling to California had we had the opportunity to learn from the best of the best and felt grateful that they had made their way in our direction!

Kelly's response was simple..."Everyone needs a Coach!"

Until that point, I had fooled myself into thinking that I was the best trainer in Austin/in Texas/in CrossFit. Since that time, I have been open to learning from everyone around me. Guess what happened? I have learned more and more and become better at what I do!

At CrossFit Central, we have an outstanding staff. One of my biggest priorities has been to learn from the coaching staff so that I myself can be a better coach. I know that without doing this I would not be able to improve.

One of the best ways I've found to learn for myself is not to ask people how they are so good, but to enter the world in which I see them doing the things that they are great at. Ever seen me jump into another coach's class to workout? Yes, I do need to workout when I do this, but that is not the reason. I am going for the sole reason of watching these coaches in action. By experiencing them in action and having them coach me, I best learn the applications which they apply. I feel like I am left with a practical ability to then replicate their ideas as if they were my own.

I much does this make sense?

If you want to become better, watch, learn, and be coached by those who are better than you! This rule has no limits.

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