Monday, November 14, 2011

Killing It!

Michael is one of those guys that literally surprised the hell out of me. I am always inspired by clients who start up and show rapid progress. It is hard to anticipate what each client is going to achieve and how early on it will happen for them, so sometimes when somebody begins programs and they look like the average Joe, I don't commonly see an immediate fire breather emerge.

Michael is one of those fire breathers! He looks completely different then he did the day he started. In class, I would say he's like an Assassin! Assassins are know as silent killers. This guy comes in and doesn't say much, but when the workout starts he just straight "Kills It!" He is quickly becoming one of Crossfit Central's fittest clients, and I'm willing to bet within another 6 months he will be right there with the best of them!

Michael’s Story

My first experience with CrossFit was joining Mike's class back in May 2011. Before I joined, I looked at some of CrossFit Central coaches' blogs trying to decide who I'd like to have for a coach. I came across Mike's blog and saw this big guy lifting heavy weights with sunglasses on and jumping around like a ninja. I liked his intensity, so I joined Big Mike's class and have not been disappointed. Mike is a positive guy who takes pride in seeing you master a movement or set a new personal record. He pushes you to test your limits and keeps it safe by holding you accountable to proper form.

May 2011

Since working with Mike, my fitness has improved across the board. In the past, I would work on improving in one area for a specific purpose, like running a 5k or lifting heavier weights. With the CrossFit programming, I'm well-rounded enough to go take on any physical challenge. I've also found that I'm more alert and in a better mood while I'm at work. Taking some time out of my day for some fun and self-improvement makes a huge difference. Plus, it gets me outside and, as you can see from my picture, I need all the sun I can get!

My coaches and classmates are definitely a big part of what keeps me motivated. Because it's such a tight group of people, you feel accountable to the others in the group. You know they're expecting you to show up to class, and they'll notice how hard you're working that day. I also want to get the most out of every workout because I want to blow away my old scores on the next benchmark workout.

Growing up, I was always active in sports and joined the Marine Corps Reserves while I was working on my undergrad at UT. But when I began working full time in 2007, I became mostly inactive, spending most of my day sitting in front of a computer. In 2010, I joined Gold's Gym and began lifting weights with a co-worker. I made some strength gains but my overall fitness level wasn't so great and I was developing pain in my knees and shoulders. It was a chore getting to the gym everyday because I wasn't having fun. It felt like I was just going through the motions, doing basically the same routine every day.

When I joined Mike's class, I became hooked on the workouts instantly. I look forward to going to the gym everyday to try to conquer a new workout. In the 6 months that I've been CrossFitting, I've only had to make up 2 workouts. During those 6 months, I’ve dropped 6 pounds of body fat and added 6 pounds of lean muscle. My weight has only dropped by about a pound, but I've lost nearly 4.5% body fat. I can do a pull-up with 90lbs hanging on my waist or go run a 5k in 20 minutes and I've got energy for days.

I participated in my first challenge, Fight Gone Bad 6, in September. It was a great event for an excellent cause and one hell of a workout. I scored around a 280, and I'll definitely sign up again next year aiming to score well into the 300's!

My goal over the next year is to gain strength to lift the heavy stuff and to be able to handle all workouts at the prescribed load. If Mike gives me the go ahead, I hope to move to RedBlack Gym's advanced Garage Gym RX program early next year. I also want to improve my mobility to make some of the complicated movements easier and to avoid injury.

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