Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pure Respect

Matt is the Client of the Month for January! He deserves this recognition as much as anybody could. When deciding who to highlight, I choose a person I have pure respect for. This is especially true of Matt! His lifestyle is one I aspire to live myself. When I see Matt at CrossFit Central and RedBlack Gym throughout the week, I always get the sense that he is a truly humble person. I have never seen a speck of ego creep out since the time he started with us.

When you read about Matt's experience, you'll hear him give honor to God. He is somebody who is truly grounded. As much as he makes the time to be successful in his profession and to stay extremely fit and improve daily in those realms, it is very obvious to me that his faith and family always take precedence!

To me, Matt lives his life fully – and he does it the right way!

Matt's Story

Mike was my first coach when I joined CrossFit in May 2011. I chose him because of timing, but I’m so thankful that he was my first coach. He motivated me to reach personal highs that I would not have been able to reach on my own. I couldn't ask for a better guy/coach to work with.

Since training with Mike, I find I can achieve almost anything I set my mind to – this was a major question of mine for the last 10 plus years. Physically, I finally reached personal goals that I had set for my self since I was in my early 20's. And I would not have been able to achieve any of my goals without GOD in my life. I owe everything to him.

CrossFit has shown me that I can push myself much further/harder than I was aware. And this has carried over outside the gym – my confidence has grown tremendously. I'm ready to take on the business world with the passion and intensity I have for CrossFit.

I’m motivated by my classmates and by my coaches, Big Mike and Jeff [McKinney]. I love the competition. I did both Fight Gone Bad and the Lean Turkey Challenge last year and enjoyed both very much. I look forward to improving my numbers significantly in FGB this year. I do these challenges because I want to see how I stack up against my fellow CrossFitters.

When I started CrossFit, I was 42 years old, weighed 165 pounds and had 17% body fat. I had low energy and ate ok, but far too much junk food. Now I weigh 160 pounds with 9% body fat and I have a very high energy level.

My goals now are to be the best husband and dad I can be; to give my family 100% of my Love; to improve my proficiency with muscle ups, OHS & HSW; to keep seeing improvements in all aspects of CrossFit; and to reach loan production volumes that I've never reached before.


MLub said...

Yeeea Matt!

Hudd said...

I have been in different classes with Matt for 6 months and he always brings a positive, supportive, competitive vibe. Keep it up buddy1

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