Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Motivation

I started this month and the year with a newsletter to my clients that set a new tone for me and for them. I also have been sending emails to them since the beginning of the year to keep them on track. They have responded with some tremendous feedback and a desire for more! I have seen their work intensity improve and their consistency rise.

After getting an email about sharing this stuff on my blog, I figured what the hell. Starting today and for the next week, I will post the newsletter that started it all and then the five emails I've already sent to my clients in the order they were sent - and I'll post future emails that I think are worth sharing as I send them to my clients.

Maybe these can inspire you in some way as well.


Back on the Grind!

We aren't talking coffee folks...This year is straight up getting back to the hustler spirit you forgot you once had! Think back to yourself as a young soul...can't you remember how bad you wanted something? Remember before things were just so convenient and at your fingertips how badly you would've worked to achieve something you couldn't have at that moment?

A young man's mentality is what I want to get back for myself. One thing I noticed in my 2011 year, even though it was so great for me, was that I was becoming so complacent. I no longer challenged myself like I did when I was 23 to 27 years old. I became Successful! Work became too easy and I didn't give it the attention I once did.

When CrossFit Central was a baby, all I wanted to do was Train, Blog, Email, Research, Travel, and Inspire. I wanted to prove CrossFit's value and CrossFit Central's ability to uplift everybody who was introduced to us. I was willing to do everything I possibly could to bring value to others and our company. Since then, I stopped putting others first and let my own wants and selfish unfulfilling desires consume me.

At CrossFit Central we had our company meeting for the new year was last Friday. We were asked to come back with our 2012 Motto. Over the Christmas break, my mind kept going to this thought and "Whatever it Takes!" came from my days as a High School football player. This has a strong and driving forward meaning to me. I lost it for a while. Now I have it back. You all will experience this from me first hand and I will ask it from you this year!

If you see this hashtag #WIT on Twitter and Facebook you will know what I'm talking about!

I want to share with you all my Core Values...You have the right to make sure I am staying accountable to them:

1) With God's guidance there is nothing I can't do!
2) Be for others in all that I do!
3) Be open to changing my mind when it is needed
4) Be true at heart
5) Maintain integrity

Big Mike

Take a look at yourself and Decide... Where do you want to be?

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