Thursday, February 23, 2012

Being Uncomfortable is a Must!

Day in, day goes on. The world keeps turning every day, and we all have the ability to choose what our role is going to be in it. We typically choose to do the things we are most adapted to. We almost never pick something that is completely outside of the ordinary. Overall, we tend to stay inside of our comfort zones each day. As much as it may seem like the natural thing to do, I am here to say that this is truly unacceptable.

CrossFit is about pushing the body to go beyond its current level of physical ability. Why? Because when we are able to conquer something we've never done before, we are able to feel new again! We gain hope and believe that more good things can come our way. And when we start to sense the possibility of whatever those things are, we begin to know that we can achieve them.

We actually lose the "belief" that we don't like doing something, that it is too painful, that it is too awkward, or that we just aren't made for it. A new view overcomes us. It is like putting on a pair of glasses we never knew we needed. Now we can use our bodies in "uncommon" ways without even thinking about it. It has become natural for us to pick up heavy things, jump high, climb over stuff, and turn upside down without a second thought.

We all have purpose. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning. In CrossFit, we choose to have a purpose for our bodies. In reading and learning new things, we choose to have purpose for our minds. Through prayer, meditation, and breathing we can find purpose spiritually (which is the most important), and in listening and sharing with friends and family, we can fully express our emotional beings.

Our fitness isn't everything, but it is one thing. We may as well excel at it...and everything else!

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