Monday, February 6, 2012


It is always hard to believe how fast a month can go by on you, isn’t it? January always starts off on such a high note. My hope is that all of you are continuing to ride that note daily!

Obviously I understand that sometimes life may not always be going the way you would like. This is when I really like to remind myself of my purpose. Most of you know I am a believer in the Christian Faith, and it is through my church that I seek out peace of mind and humility. This helps me get very clear about why I’m here, what I would like to do, and who am I doing this with.

I want to share with you all a gift I received from a close friend last week. She had been meaning to give it to me for Christmas, but we were only able to link up 1 week ago. I haven’t worn a necklace of any sort since 8th grade, but I have been inspired to have this on every day since receiving it! On it the word “SOUL” is carved into the dog tag. This definitely ranks up with the Best Gifts Ever!

I believe every religion has a belief about what a soul is, what our soul actually does while we are living, and what happens to it when we pass. After a Google search of “What is Soul” there are countless directions we could go to the point of no end. I did however find this layman’s description that I really enjoyed:

“With the introduction of the soul, the body acquires life, sight and hearing, thought and speech, intelligence and emotions, will and desire, personality and identity.” –

When I wake up every morning my soul moves me before my mind thinks. This is a connection to my Creator and it is what continues to allow me to see life in a brand new light each and every day!

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