Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If It Looks Like a Stir Fry...

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 9:48 PM's because it pretty much is. I usually cook these veggies up with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you are leaning out or on a cleanse...stick with steaming (not boiling) in a bit of water. Once you add the seasoning ( the skillet) they will be fantastic!

This pic is something I picked up on my last trip to Elgin. South Side Market does have some Legit BBQ! Maybe we can get a round-up organized for a trip in the near future.

If you don't know how to season veggies, here is one I make and always have in the cupboard.

Empty a shaker or old seasoning container. Fill it with (you can definitely tweak this):
1/4 Salt
1/4 Pepper
1/8 Creole Seasoning
1/8 Garlic Powder
Less than 1/8 Chili Powder

BTW...I forgot to mention that supplements are out for the cleanse. You are getting your body completely clean so that when we get back to proteins and supplements, your digestive system will be ready to absorb and utilize those great things more freely.

See you all Manana!
Big Mike

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