Monday, January 22, 2007

My CrossFit Certification

When I first began to incorporate Crossfit workouts into my regimen in April of 2006, I didn't realize the impact that it was going to have on my physical health. Coming from an athletic background and going through somewhat of a Bodybuilding phase of training I accumalated an emmence amount of wear and tear and a pre-existing knee injury. After a total of 3 knee surgeries Crossfit couldn't have been a bigger blessing for me as far and discovery a way to achieve such a high level of fitness without further damaging my knee. I quickly was and continue to be sold that there is no better program out there for any individual of any fitness level with any physical alement. I have learned so much from Crossfit via there websight and the online journals that they graciously publish but to be able to sit infront of the man whom came up with the concept was a true honor. Coach Glassman is now a true inspiration to me in my pursuit of a successful career in coaching and training. I always thought that this was a career choice that i would never grow passionate toward, but with the methods and ideaologies that he has that he has come up with, my vision has shifted and I can no longer imagine doing anything else in life as to impact others as he impacted me. Thank you coach Glassman for all that you've put in to develope this revolution named "CrossFit"
Level One Crossfit Certification

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