Friday, May 11, 2007

Guiding the Youth

Working with youth will always be the ultimate fullfillment. When it comes to mentorship, I don't believe any group of people are in more need than the young people in the world today. I think we tend to forget, just because we have great education systems, sports programs, music classes and all sorts of other extra caricular activities for them to get engaged with, that young people still need to be givin the gift of guidence from us who came before them. The whole responsibility of our lives is giving back everything we ourselves have been given. Our understanding of all things important in life are not ours because of our own manifestation of it. Other's before us have shared with us everything that we know. It's been like this forever and in no way should we stop the future pregression of that process. I'm telling you, when you can make an impact on a young persons life, when you can be a role model for young people, when you can gain respect because of the services you provide for the greater good, what more reward can you ask for than appreciation you receive? I can't think of any.

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