Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1 Year Gone

It's hard to believe that I moved here a year ago. The way time goes by is amazing and every time I think back I realize more and more how precious and valuable my time is. There is leaps and bounds of difference in my life today compared to when I first moved the this gorgeous city. I am so grateful that I didn't let my fear of change or what I was moving away from stop me from coming. I don't even consider those things anymore and every time I am driving around this town I think about all the things that I can do around here. I am so inspired by this city and especially the people who live in it. I don't know how many people experience these kind of feelings, buy a good friend of mine and I were hanging out the other night discussing how awesome it is to be able to go to places like Whole Foods. This city has so much to offer and I'm eager to get in where I fit in. I'm sure I will be saying the same thing at this time next year.

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