Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How do you know when you are Fit?

Large scale Crossfit events are a great opportunity to compare yourself to others who are about as fit or more fit than yourself. These workouts have always made me realize how much I am lacking in my training, or how much more I can push myself to raise my abilities. There is truly something powerful about seeing somebody who should by no means be able to out perform you, do it anyways. This past weekend, we put on the Fight Gone Bad workout at the gym. This is one of the more physically challenging workouts that we do in Crossfit. The competitiveness that this workout drives in individuals is obvious. Participants who do the workout are almost always concerned with their performance and very motivated to improve on the exercises the workout entails in attempt to better their scores. For me, I am forced with the challenge that Jeremy Thiel and the CrossFit A&M crew are all able to out perform me in this workout. I am saying now that these are the people who I am looking to chase down on the 29th when we do our Fight Gone Bad/ Athletes for a Cure/ CrossFit Prostate Cancer Fundraiser. Beyond all that, the events that we do that have up 40+ people show up are always a great time for everyone. Again, I am looking forward to seeing and meeting all who decide to come out for the workout on the 29th. Crossfit Journal - How Fit are you?

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