Friday, September 21, 2007

One Hard Worker

Eric Ditmer has been attending Crossfit Central's Bootcamp programs for about a year now. He is one the the stronger runners that I know and is over all in great shape. In the last couple months, he has takin interest in our indoor programs as well. As most of the clients that come indoors, Eric was very unfamiliar with a majority of what we do. None the less he has stepped up and been ready to take in all he could about becoming a better all around athlete. I am honored to work with such hard working and highly committed individuals such as this man. It's easy to see why he has achieved great levels of success in his career. With continued effort against the physically demanding challenges CrossFit brings, he will surely be right up with the best of them in this new sport.
Eric is pictured here performing the Olympic style Split Jerk at 100% effort. In my opinion... pretty damn good!

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