Thursday, September 6, 2007

Women who Crossfit!

There is a really interesting phenomenon that occurs any time people hear anything about fitness programs. Men seem to discard them and women get involved in them. This is common all over and in my opinion, is very humorous to think about. Before CrossFit, I never would've considered joining a group program. In fact, I thought it was ridiculous to do any workout with a female. Males are stronger, faster and just down right better athletes than women are right? Well about 2 years ago I was at my computer and I got a email from a friend with a video link attached to it. Not really expecting anything I clicked on it only to have my mind blown by what I saw. 3 women doing a workout unlike anything I've ever seen by far nothing I've even considered attempting. My jaw was literally dropped open. This was my first experience of CrossFit. I new that I had to implement these workouts to my training. The 3 Sic Fit women inspired me so much, that I dropped my way of training to convert to the CrossFit way.
5 days ago I finally developed the ability to do more than one muscle up in a day. 3 days ago, I attempted the workout I saw 2 years ago. Today, my whole body is still trying to cure itself from it. This workout is without a question, one of the toughest ever put together and I give many props to all the females who come into CrossFit. This is a program surely designed for men, but being conquered my women all over the country. To all the men out there, it is time to change the way you think about a group fitness program. If you need a challenge... step up so these women can teach you a thing or two. Nicki Hall from CrossFit Central is just beginning her journey to Elite Fitness. So far, so good girl. Keep it up!

Enjoy the Video Nasty Girls Video

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