Sunday, March 23, 2008


I catch myself saying many times that "Blood, Sweat and Tears make you know your are alive."
I believe there are alot to be said for possitive and supportive approaches that people take towards achieving goals and are going through some of the struggles it takes to get there. In my experience though, many times success in achievements come from taking a much more angry and fearless mindset.
Most of the time is training this is the case. The mind and the body become so disstressed that slowing down and taking the time to feel better just isn't going to get you to the point to which you can be. People who let these barriers slow them down will usually either not be satisfied with there performance or there physical appearance. People who unleash the raw emotions (anger, frustration, excitment, anxiousness) into the task that is staning in there way, will always have more success.
Your workouts are meant to be a time for you to let out these types of emotions that you don't always get out in your day to day life. For anyone finding themselves at a peak... Go Ahead... Just get Mad a little!

This Video Captured it all

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