Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Sport of the Future!

So I think I have finally recovered from a trip to California in which I was a participant at the second annual Crossfit Games. I have slept for about 12 extra hours that I would normally be doing work but my body just flat out needed the break. I have been semi-jokingly saying that I have about 360 or so days left to train for the 2009 games. Well, there is really no time to joke anymore. This event was the most amazing event I've ever been apart of. Crossfit does not specialize, so it attracts so many different people from so many different places. Next years games is allready being hyped to have a turnout that is 10 times what it was this year. I say that is will be 50 times bigger due to what is on the line. First off take the Title, "Fittest person on the Planet". Who doesn't want to be drawn into that kind of event. Come'on. Not even the Olympics can contest with this Crown. Crossfit is the Sport of Fitness. Crossfitter are the most well prepared to take on any natural task life is willing to throw our way. The Crossfit games winner is in fact the Fittest person there is! And I am in fact gettting ready to take myself to another level so that my body will be able to handle the Crossfit competition for next years games in hopes of standing right at the top of the podium with my good friend and mentor Jeremy Thiel who was 3rd in this years event!

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