Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A different tune

A huge percentage of my clients train in groups of 8 or more. I love working in that setting. I really enhances my ability to coach and motivate many people at once.

However I have a few clients who I train on a more personal setting. Many of days it is only myself and them in the gym. This has alot of beneficial penpoints for both my client and I. These clients I feel grow to become a much closer friend who I can talk to about more things from a personal standpoint than a class would regularly allow.

Dave originally started in a class. I reallized quickly that I had made the wrong decision in allowing him to do that as he was more physically in need of training session that could aid him in more of his specific needs.
Since that time Dave has made some major headway! More importantly though, this guy has really become a close friend and somebody a have major respect for. I am excited to know that I am able to help him out in ways he needs me and he has been a great influence for me in a time of my young career and life pursuit.
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