Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The endless choices

Everything we do is a choice. We can choose good or we can choose poorly. Before we make the choice we have an opportunity to evaluate our options. Sometimes its easy to skip the thinking process and just act on the way we feel at the giving moment. Whether we think something out or we just do something off the cuff, the outcome is a direct reflection of our choice.
Some people have neglected making good choices so often for such a long time, there ability to do it has become almost non exsistent in their own minds. People forget that it is still a choice and instead figure that the is just nothing they can do about making a situation better.
The power of the mind is amazing. Whatever you put in it is true. You can trick yourself into an idea of good or bad. The beuty of tricking your mind is that the outcome is identical to what you think.
Can't stop smoking? Eating Bread? Waking up early to work out? Can't afford something? Can't remember where you put things? Think pull-ups are too hard? Stuck in your crappy job?
What you think is your reality!
Decide what you want and have it! Or don't decide and get what you don't want!
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Team CS said...

Beautiful post, Mike. :) Your insight never fails to provide a daily dose of inspiration to remind me to keep pursuing that which makes me happy.


- Carla Wuthrich