Monday, March 9, 2009

The Sport is upon Us

Explosion! That is basically how I have to describe Last Weekends "Fittest Games Challenge". Competitors from Austin and Dallas met up the their respected cities to go head to head against each other. Little did they expect, athletes from outside cities and even states(Ohio and Kentucky) showed up to push them off their rocker.
The Workouts were hard. Pushing themselves to their absolute limits, every athlete took responsibility for the outcome of their final positions.
This event was a eye opener for everyone involved. I am not sure anybody was ready for the type of Crossfit Competition that was prepared to show up in aim to have some rights to be declared amongst the Fittest Athletes in TX. It is because of this alone that the winner of this event (on April 4th) will be sent to FT Worth to compete at Hell's Half Acre (Southwest Regional Qualifiers).
Put Simply, the Sport of Fitness has arrived. Athletes at the Peak of Crossfit will be remembered for many years to come. Crossfit's Community across the board has been built by these amazingly gifted athletes and without them Crossfit would not be what it is today.
This program is that of General fitness. I am personnally proud of the fact that Crossfit has helped so many everyday people get remotivated to take care of their health again. More than that though, I am unbelievably amped by the growth of this sport and by the and the amazing opportunity to see, know and compete with athletes who are at the pinnacle of Humam Performance.

Intensity = Power
Power is getting work done over time.
Crossfiters get a whole lot of work done Very Fast!
Crossfitters are Powerful!
Crossfiters are Intense!

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