Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is the Best in the World?


The Man in the Center of this pic is! John Brzenk is undoubtedly the Baddest Dude on the face of the Planet when it comes to Arm Wrestling.
The Sport has never received much glory over its history which dates back a hell of alot longer than any sport I've ever been apart of. The truth is though, some of the most talented athletes compete in it and they are more than impressive to watch.
John Brzenk has competed in Arm Wresting basically his whole life. When he was 20 years old he claimed his first world Title in the sport. Over the last 30 years this man has dominated and still remains at the top of the game.
After 5 years of working on a project, Sevan Matossian (who directed the Crossfit Games Movie) was able to release the world Premier of the Documentary Pulling John hear in the ATX at SXSW 2009. He invited us all to attend this past weekend at the convention center. All I can say is what an honor! This movie was freakin Awesome! To top it off we got to meet and hang out with the Man himself.
You have a final chance to see the Movie yourself at Alamo Draft House 3 on Lamar. The Final Screen in tomorrow night at 9:30 pm. Take advantage of it!

Sevan... Even though you get beat by all the woman in Crossfit WODs, I got mad respect for you bro! Thanks for the great weekend opportunity.
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