Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go do your workout!

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It's not always easy to tell yourself that you need to do your workout today. It not always the most exciting thing to go push yourself through something so intense. The I must have about 10,000 pictures on my computer of people working out and in very few of them do I see smiling faces.

My question though is that if you don't have to, why skip out on it. Everybody has feelings that they don't feel like working out.

I'm too tired. I'm too sore. My Head kinda hurts. It's way too early. It's way too late. It's too F'ing Hot! It's too F'ing cold. Oh its Just a Saturday workout, no big deal if I don't go.

I know people that let thoughts like this effect their actions and it always results in regression of there fitness levels.

Crossfit Central and I have a Motto...
We will be there.

If you are in our classes, expect to workout when you show up, because we won't skip.

If you are in my class, I expect to see you there unless you tell me otherwise.

Show up to your commitment!
You will be glad you did.


Will said...

I know who you're talking about. He can be a slacker. In all seriousness though, I will be there!

Alex Janss said...